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Photo Friday: Last Week’s Throwdown

February 6, 2015

It’s been a while since I had to resort to a Photo Friday. I am sitting on a couple press releases, but they are about purses and shoes that you can win at a couple restaurants around town. That’s not really my scene. If you are curious, check out the websites for Creo and Bountiful Bread. Information should be there, but I haven’t checked.

What a busy week it has been. I’ve been meeting with business owners, sending emails, setting up social media accounts, and making plans for the future. I’m very excited about the direction we are heading.

Hey, speaking of social media, did I ever tell you that I finally set up a FLB Instagram account? There you will find one of the snapshots of latte art that I took while judging last week’s Thursday Night Throwdown at Stacks Espresso.

But today I thought I would share a few more that I enjoyed.


The Rosetta


The Apple


The Beet


The Tulip


The Cortado Tulip






















This contest brought out baristas from all over the Capital Region. It brought baristas out of retirement. It even got a home espresso enthusiast behind the professional machine to pull some beautiful shots and steam up some silky microfoam.

The winner was Ron from Stacks, but the important part about this was the competition. By putting their talents head to head against each other, those on the front lines of coffee culture in the region are pushing themselves to get better at their craft.

When that happens, we all win.











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