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A Friday Find

July 4, 2019

If there wasn’t enough pressure to pack up all of our things and put our affairs in order before leaving Albany, yesterday a piece of a tree fell through a part of our roof. Luckily everyone is fine. And fortunately the newly ventilated part of the roof is over the garage.

Less fortunately, our garage has been a storage area for our boxes, so the Fussymobile was parked in the driveway. The tree limbs did a number on its windshield. Right now it’s unclear how much other damage the car may have endured. But at least it was an old car.

Still, I loved that car. And now we’ve got to find someone who can remove some big ass tree limbs and install a tarp on the roof before our insurance adjuster arrives. Know anybody up to the task?

In happier news, tomorrow is Friday. That means it’s my mother’s birthday. Happy birthday Mom! Friday is also Shabbat, so despite all the madness of the week, we’ll be feasting on roast chicken, with challah, and a delightful natural wine from 22 2nd Street in Troy. But last week, Little Miss Fussy and I diverged from tradition, and I’m pleased to share a Friday Find.

Did you know that Field Notes has started cooking a casual Friday night dinner on the farm?

Yeah. I didn’t think so. Last week was just the second one ever. And while usually Friday nights are reserved for family time at home, last week was different. My son was off at sleepaway camp, and Mrs. Fussy was giving some kind of presentation in Manhattan. Which left Little Miss Fussy and me to our own devices.

So I brought her out to Lansing Farm to try the newest offerings from chefs Joan and Kyle.

My daughter had already learned to trust this duo when it comes to matters of taste. Notably, she had come with me to one of their brunches last spring, where we tried a salad made from snap peas, radishes, pickled onion, and mint. Little Miss Fussy had a hard time wrapping her head around how these flavors might work well together, but one bite of the salad had her convinced.

It was unexpected, and delightful. Which made it a perfect teachable moment. Because that is exactly what great chefs do. They help you see food in new ways. Which gave me hope that Little Miss Fussy might be ready to move on from a hamburger with ketchup into something a bit more sophisticated.

Here was last week’s menu.

The plan was for us to order the smashburger and the confit chicken leg, and we would share them both. If she preferred one over the other, she could eat her fill of the favorite. What we had not planned on were farm made drinks, which almost stole the show.

I went for the lavender and rosemary lemonade, which was delightful. Lemonade can be far too sweet or far too acidic. But this one was not only restrained, but it let the herbs shine through. However, my heart belonged to the strawberry agua fresca. The aromas of perfectly ripe local strawberries were just leaping from the glass of this seasonal smash. That alone was worth the trip, and at $2 it felt like a bargain.

Actually, the value proposition of Friday night’s dinner was fantastic. As was the more casual feel. The more formal multi-course offerings on Saturday night are a ton of fun, and you should really check them out. But if you aren’t ready to commit to a full tasting menu, this is a great way to get a sense of the quality you can expect.

Little Miss Fussy went back and forth on her favorite. She really enjoyed the burger, but wasn’t so crazy about the onion jam. At least she gave it a try. That just left more for me, and I was thrilled with everything about the burger. Even the runny egg. Although I may have even been happier with the fact it came with a side salad.

For me, the dirty rice that came with the chicken really stole the show. It’s hard to get legit dirty rice anywhere outside of New Orleans. But it’s not surprising that a kitchen where scrapple is made from scratch would know how to make a respectable dirty rice. However, that whole plate was simply fantastic.

I only wish we could have stuck around for dessert, but I had already kept Little Miss Fussy out too long past her bedtime. That did mean we got to watch the sun set over the farm, and that was wonderful too. And Joan sent LMF home with a few leftover cider donuts from the day. She got to enjoy one before bed, and shared the rest with friends.

Make a note of this now.

The menu changes every week based on the season. But you should go. If not tomorrow, next week. Because if you want in on this action, it’s only on Fridays. And there were a few people there who had brought their own wine to the party as well. So if you need to have an adult beverage to make your meal an experience, feel free to bring your own.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take pictures. I’d love to see what you got.

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  1. Jean Patiky permalink
    July 4, 2019 9:54 am

    Yikes!! Were you home? Maybe your insurance will help you buy a new car!!! We had very generous adjuster in Florida after Hurricane Andrew.

    Was it a storm?? Good luck!! ❤️❤️❤️ Sent from my iPhone


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