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The Profussor’s Last Stand

July 5, 2019

Time is getting short.
But I still have big plans.

If you’re interested in one last tour with the profussor, grab your calendar and block out Sunday, July 14. My hope is to prove that Downtown Albany is one place, not several. To bridge the gap between, Lark Street, Downtown, Pearl Street, and the Warehouse District. And I also want to show just how walkable the damn place is.

How? We’re going to spend the day walking around enjoying some of my favorite places. That means this tour is going to be significantly different from all the others. Although there is going to be one common thread that binds them all together.

The common thread is that we’ll spend the day engaging in conspicuous consumption.

But there will be no scoresheets. There won’t even be a common theme. Stops will include places for coffee, donuts, beer, wings, pinball, cocktails, patios, and more. Some stops will have more than one feature.

There is also no requirement that attendees participate for the full tour. It’s going to be a long day. It will start early and end late. People can join up with the FLB group later in the day, come along for just a couple of stops, or bail out early.

No judgement. It will be great to see you out enjoying Albany before I leave.

All that the FLB is providing is the route and some colorful commentary along it. Maybe there will even be a bit of guidance as to what you should order at each spot. But everyone will have to pay for their own food and drink.

Really, I have no idea if anyone is crazy enough to come out with me for one last march around the Capital City. Sunday is tough. Some places are closed. I do wish I could have found a Saturday to hold this event, but the calendar is what it is.

Our specific itinerary will be finalized by next week. But I wanted to make sure people had at least a week’s notice, as this may be our last chance to hang out before I depart for Michigan. It would be great to see all of you one last time, or even just this one time if we’ve never had the chance to meet.

So save that date. Sunday, July 14. And don’t forget tonight is your one chance this week to try Field Notes casual Friday night dinners. You shouldn’t miss that either. Have a great weekend, and if you happen to have any recommendations for a place that replaces car windshields, I’m all ears.

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  1. July 5, 2019 4:27 pm

    Man, I would like to be on that tour. Alas I will be on my own culinary tour, of the Glen Park Neighborhood of San Francisco, so will have to take a rain check knowing there is not going to be a redo unless the Professor has a yen for more socializing after I return on the 17th. Fingers crossed.

    As to windshield replacement, do you have coverage through your insurance company? My policy has it with no deductible. Regardless, windshields are a relatively easy and inexpensive thing to replace considering the amount of glass. Recommend you just hit the yellow pages, I mean Google, and you’ll quickly find a place that will come to you and make the necessary repair.

  2. Eric Scheirer Stott permalink
    July 5, 2019 10:15 pm

    Doctor Irritation Will Attend…….in cloaked mode.

  3. Pam Considine permalink
    July 7, 2019 3:49 am

    Hi Daniel, I have enjoyed reading your blog for many years, even after moving to SW Florida. I usually still know what places you are talking about, and even when I don’t, I can picture them, through your descriptions.

    I’m sorry I never got a chance to come to any of your events. Even as you move on to Michigan, I hope you will still occasionally drop us a message. Ann Arbor is also a “college town”…it would be interesting to hear your perspective on how it does or does not compare with the Albany area. Maybe you can even unravel the mystery as to why many of their hot dog 🌭 stands refer to “Coneys” or “Coney Island Hots”, while many places in the Capital District refer to “Michigan Hots”. In any case, I wish you & your family well on your next chapter of life. Thanks for all the memories!

  4. July 8, 2019 11:02 am

    I’m in, probably for a good part of the day. This will be fun, I just love this kind of stuff.

    Of course, it’s your party, and you didn’t ask for suggestions, but I’ll offer one anyway; I vote for one pizza stop. Since you alluded to a visit to Excelsior, Hill Street is a block away and would be a good choice. And if I’m not mistaken, you’re a fan of the pizza there.

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