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Emily L Discovers Albany’s Foot Long Fish

September 20, 2019

Did I mention there was a backlog? This is something that can happen when a daily blog converts into posting just two times a week after a longer than expected hiatus.

Hopefully you remember Emily L. She’s been writing guest posts on the blog for several months, and today’s submission she sent in all the way back in July 17, after my final tour through downtown Albany.

One of the reasons it took so long to share is that there was a factual error in the post. Emily and I talked about it in person, but let’s see if you can find it. I’ll let you know at the very end.

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An Impossible Slider and Improbable Coke

September 18, 2019

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t a single White Castle in the Capital Region. It’s not that the area is bereft of sliders. Over the years I became a big fan of Slidin’ Dirty, and if you recall, we had them cater my son’s bar mitzvah. Although once when passing through town, Jim Leff insightfully called out Slidin’ Dirty for selling gourmet mini burgers and not actual sliders. However, I’m not here to quibble about semantics.

The year we were on sabbatical New Jersey, I was delighted to find it to be White Castle territory. However, despite my best intentions, I never made it into one of those temples of onions and grease during our time there. It turns out that I’m just more into exploring regional foods than a taste of the past at a national chain.

Well, we have White Castle here in Ann Arbor too, and in fact there is one just down the street from our new credit union. This time, I had a reason more powerful than nostalgia to visit. White Castle is now selling an Impossible Slider. That would be one made from Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger. Oh yeah, and somehow I got a BOGO coupon in the mail to encourage me to try it.

Who was I to say no?

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Guest Post: Julie on Healthy Snacks

September 12, 2019

Moving can be complicated.

For those who were following the journey, we had a tree fall on our house and smash the windshield of our car. That involved filing an insurance claim, removing the tree, hiring roofers, and replacing the damaged garage door. Then there was a car accident that required the front end of the same car to be rebuilt. Oh yeah, and then the day before we moved, the car also required an unexpected brake job.

Fortunately, things went more smoothly from that point out. Our first day on the road ended in Buffalo, where I got to enjoy two dinners in one night. There was beef on weck from Schwabl’s and then wings at Bar Bill.

After the move is when I realized that there were some things that fell through the cracks.

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Into the Blue

September 9, 2019

Hello Ann Arbor!

The FLB has been on vacation for far too long. It’s time to shake off the dust, and get back to the occasional business of writing about food on the Internet.

For those who are still following from Upstate New York or other places around the world, Ann Arbor is the land of the University of Michigan. Almost everything here is colored maize and blue. The football team is the Wolverines. And “Go Blue” is the local battlecry.

Even though I have spent precious little time in this city on the banks of the Huron River, I thought it might be fun to share some initial impressions. And as I mentioned before signing off in Albany, there is still some unfinished business there as well.

But first thing’s first.

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To Be Continued…

July 23, 2019

Well, we’re in the thick of it. The truck finally pulls out tomorrow.

The car is almost fixed.
The roof repairs are underway.
A new garage door will be coming soon.
And hopefully we’ll find someone to mow the lawn.
It even looks like we’ve got takers for most of our old stuff.
Did I tell you that a reader came and took away the chicken carcasses?

Now we just need someone to buy the house.

“Need” is a big word. Maybe we just keep a house in Albany. There are people who do the same thing in Manhattan but with apartments, when the rent is so cheap they can’t afford to walk away. Hey, maybe I’ll become one of those ne’er-do-well out-of-state landlords I’ve heard so much about. Perhaps the Casa del Fussy could become an Air BNB? Sadly, neither of those options play well to my core strengths.

This past Saturday, I was invited to attend one of Field Notes five course planted dinners, and someone asked me what I would be doing in Ann Arbor. My answer was simple, if perhaps a little unexpected.

I haven’t the faintest idea.

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From Pizza to Pizza

July 19, 2019

So much has happened this week. We’ve got roofers lined up, found someone to replace the garage door, brought the remaining car into the shop to be rebuilt, finalized arrangements with the moving company who will pack up the house, found movers to help us unload in Michigan, joined a reform congregation in Ann Arbor, and signed the kids up for religious school.

Somehow, amidst all the chaos, I went over to Jon in Albany’s house for one last pizza feast.

There’s some good pizza to be found in the Capital Region. I know because I’ve judged a lot of them with Jon in All Over Albany’s Tournament of Pizza. Plus, pizza is one of my favorite foods, and I’ve eaten it extensively around the region. Nothing I’ve had locally beats what Jon is able to crank out these days using the wood fired pizza oven he built from scratch.

Jon’s neighbors are really lucky. As are his friends. And it was incredibly kind for him to invite me over for one last round of pies. It’s good to leave with a taste of what you will miss most on your lips.

I’m told there’s good pizza out in Michigan, but it won’t be the same.

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Do Good By Downtown Albany

July 17, 2019

Sunday was a truly epic outing, and I was thrilled to see so many of you along the way.

Even though the Tour de Downtown Albany had no scoresheets, and there was no winner per se, that does not mean there wasn’t a thing or two learned along the way. Ideally, we would have done this ten stop eating and drinking extravaganza on a Saturday, so more places would be open. But since the calendar was tight, we seized the opportunity to have this one last outing before the big move to Michigan.

For those who don’t remember the point behind the Tour de Downtown Albany in the first place, let’s rewind just for a moment, and then we’ll get to the good stuff.

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