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Nominations for Tour de Soft Serve 4.0

August 17, 2018

Almost without fail, the FUSSYlittleBLOG has organized a tour every quarter for the past several years. However, summer is coming to a close, and there hasn’t been a peep from the Profussor about one.

That changes today.

Summer is the time for ice cream. We’ve been almost everywhere, and tasted almost everything. But there is still a corner of the Capital Region where we have yet to venture. Maybe some of you have been around for awhile remember the failed attempt to sample Schenectady soft serve?

As a quick refresher, as we approached the tour, Dairy Circus had a fire and burned down. Since it was one of the area’s pillars for soft serve, and there was some hope it might reopen, the Tour de Soft Serve: Schenectady was put on hold.

Now that the institution has reopened, and it has been over two years since the last Tour de Soft Serve, it’s time to put this tour back on the books. But as always, before heading out, we open the floor the nominations.

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Dessicated Oats

August 16, 2018

News. It’s inflammatory. And that sucks.

If you’re into food, you may read a lot of news today about the Environmental Working Group and their recent findings of glyphosate in Cheerios, among other breakfast cereals one might feed their young children.

When I saw the headline that EWG found glyphosate in cereal, I chuckled to myself a bit. Because, of course there’s weed killer in cereal. I’m sure that somewhere in the past I wrote about the unseemly practice of desiccating wheat in the fields with glyphosate, to manage the process better through chemistry, than through the plant’s natural lifecycle.

So I fully expected the list to be things like Wheaties, Wheat Chex, and other wheat based cereals.

But no! Everything on the list was oats. Oats? Well, it turns out unless they are organic, modern farming practice has oats being dessicated in the field with weed killer too. However, not all farmers are keen on this, Bob’s Red Mill has been finding partners who oppose the use of glyphosate.

The news is going to make a lot of people think that Cheerio’s aren’t safe. Cheerio’s has been tweeting responses about how the miniscule quantity of glyphosate is well below the levels established by the EPAs rules. But in this current administration, how comforting do you find regulatory guidelines for consumer protections?

My take is a little more even keeled, but it still results in Cheerios being culled from our pantry.

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Phinal Philly Phun

August 15, 2018

We’ve got to go back! Little Miss Phussy has ophicially phallen in love with Philly. Our phive day trip phlew by.

I’ll stop.

Really, I don’t know how anyone has any time to fit in all the cultural activities the city has to offer with all the eating that needs to be done. We barely scratched the surface. Although, we actually accomplished everything we set out to do, and more.

Sunday night, the kids and I drew up a list of the things we wanted to eat in our final two days. And I have to say, we executed that plan brilliantly. We even squeezed in an extra thing or two. Here’s how it played out.

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Why DiNic’s is DiBest

August 14, 2018

Admittedly there is some tribalism involved in food preferences. I remember hearing about people who grew up in Watervliet. One family would go to Spiaks, but wouldn’t set foot in The Purple Pub. Another family would only go to The Purple Pub, and Spiaks was considered off limits.

As crazy as this sounds, it makes total sense to me, because my Connecticut family goes to Pepe’s but won’t even consider Sally’s. My thoughts on New Haven style pizza are ultimately incomplete because I still have this blind spot when it comes to one of the three most important producers in the city.

Before last weekend, I had a blind spot when it came to Philly Italian Pork sandwiches. I had been to DiNic’s and Tony Luke’s. But I had never tried one from John’s Roast Pork. This is why I made sure the very first thing I ate upon arriving in the 215 was a sandwich from John’s.

While John’s was great, I was pretty sure that DiNic’s was still the best. So yesterday, I went back to DiNic’s just to confirm. And it’s true. Of the big three, DiNic’s is the Italian Pork sandwich to beat. But let me lay down the case for why DiNic’s is king. Because it’s a surprisingly simple formula.

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Philly So Far

August 13, 2018

I’ve got a lot of thoughts on Philly. Right now, I’m not so sure I can sum them up in a tidy little package. Because there’s a lot of great stuff going on in this city. But it’s also dirty, congested, and seemingly overrun with a homeless population in dire need of mental health services.

However, that perspective may be skewed by ten years of living in upstate New York.

A little bit of litter has never gotten in the way between me and good food. And one thing I’ve been doing in Philly is eating well. Of course, I’m traveling with the kids, so my choices are driven a lot by their preferences. But so far that’s been working out just fine.

Even though we still have a day and a half in the city, I wanted to share where we’ve been and what we’ve eaten. As much for me to help remember this great trip, as for those of you who might be interested in living vicariously through the experience.

The best piece of news is that I seem to have learned from past mistakes.

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Eggs Benny with Emily: Iron Gate

August 10, 2018

It’s Friday and I am out of here. I’m so not even remotely prepared for the trip to Philadelphia today. The one thing I had planned, lunch at John’s Roast Pork, was on my calendar for a day the shop is closed. At least there is still time to reschedule. Whew.

I’m thankful to be able to share another guest post from Emily L. She’s keeping up her end of the deal and trying the eggs benedict all over town in search of the very best.

Like her, I’ve heard lots of people say that Iron Gate would be able to provide her the awesome eggs benedict experience she’s been craving. So, how did it stack up? Let’s hand it over to Emily, and I’ll chime in at the end with a few thoughts of my own.

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On Pigs and Markets

August 9, 2018

We are out of touch with our agrarian past.

Before I finish that thought and get into the topic of food, let me first touch on the topic of work. When I first got into advertising, I really wanted to be in account management. Growing up watching all the TV shows, the account manager was really in the center of all the action. From the outside it really looked like he called the shots.

But I didn’t base my career decisions based solely on pop culture. I did my research into the field, and it backed up the notion that the account manager was the one person who really touched all aspects of a client’s business with the agency.

My entry point to the field was in production, but I jockeyed to get a small account assignment to show the agency brass that I was capable of doing the job.

Turns out, I hated it. You know why? I wasn’t actually making anything.

Meetings. There were lots of meetings. I was facilitating things. I was helping bridge communication gaps and manage expectations between clients and creatives. But at the end of the day, I had nothing to really show for it. There was nothing I could point to and say, I did that.

Well, last week I met farmer Al at Lansing Farm. Emily L. was there. And she asked him to share the thing he took the most pride in about the farm. His answer was that every season it started as nothing, and became fields full of food.

Let’s see if I can bring these threads together.

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