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Goat Neck

April 9, 2015

Sometimes I think I’m the laziest cook.

Take last night’s dinner for example. It’s Passover, so bread is out. So are a few other grains. But my family is okay with rice and beans, although that’s not the case for everyone. Regardless, I decided it would be nice to make Indian.

Well, I had a batch of chana masala sitting in the freezer, I had some brown basmati rice in the pantry, and I thought it would be lovely to turn those goat necks in my refrigerator into a lovely curry.

If you don’t recall, I picked up about a pound of these from the Painted Goat at the Schenectady Greenmarket last week.

This was a task that would call for the pressure cooker.

So I salted the meat, browned it in a combination of ghee and oil, cut up an onion, removed the meat, deglazed the pan with the onion, and added some Indian spice blend I had laying around the house, a scoop of yogurt, and some water to thin it all out. Then the meat went back in the pot, the lid got clamped down, and I waited for 45 minutes after the pot got to full pressure.

I think I’m getting better at this pressure cooking business.

Holy cow that was good tender meat. For the sake of full disclosure, some of the yogurt sauce scorched onto the bottom of the pot, but I was able to rescue the dish. I finished it in a smaller pan with some more of the spice blend, and a fresh dollop of thick Greek style yogurt.

But really, what did I do here? I boiled water to make rice, reheated frozen beans, and chopped up an onion.

Like I said, I’m a lazy cook.

I could have figured out some classic Indian spice blend for goat. I could have tempered some oil with black mustard seeds and curry leaves to season the final dish. I could have even chopped a bit of red onion and cilantro for a traditional garnish. But I did none of those.

Frankly, I’m not even sure if what I did can be called cooking. However, given that it’s better than what most people do, I’m still going to mark it in the win column. Plus the goat neck was delicious. I’d totally get that again, and at only $5 a pound for such happy meat, it’s really a relative bargain.

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  1. llcwine permalink
    April 9, 2015 9:37 am

    Would love to try it…But in the crockpot rather than the pressure cooker…all day… what a meal to come home to!!!

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